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Help Dodot to get 2nd life chance. Wet FIP.

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Dicipta pada Apr 16, 2022 | Luar Negara
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On 30th March 2022 my lovely cat named Dodot has been diagnosed Wet-FIP (effusive) early stage. Unfortunately, the treatment needed is such a high cost.

This disease is known as a fatal disease with no urgent treatment provided.
Up to 15/4/2022, the abdomen fluid has been growing significantly and affecting the movement, loss of weight, and appetite drops for my Dodot. At first, we detected, the abdomen around 36cm in diameter, but now grown to 41cm in diameter.

This is really killing me slowly whenever I see him.
He trying to fight this disease so much.
I decided to use this crowdfunding as the total cost might reach up to RM9000.

But, through one NGO, I can purchase the treatment (RM5040) with the buy 1 free 1 package if using the crowdfunding.

Therefore, I decided to find one crowdfunding that can be received in any currency. This is because outside Malaysia the currency is higher than in Malaysia as my currency is lower. I tried my best in all ways to find the fund even though I am shy enough to do this but this is the last and best way to do it.

Please help me to save my cat. Please help him stop suffering from this disease. Even if you donate eg: USD 1 it's already equal to RM4.24 in Malaysia.

Please friends who maybe once met me at any event. Or my dear friends as we know along the way we worked together or met in any event before this.

Today I am really in need, despite all the prayers, I also need to find a way to help him stop suffering and be an active and playful cat like before.

The vials (using campaign) = 12 vials = RM 2700 (USD 638 / AUD 862 / PoundSterling 488)
Treatment = 84 days.
Blood Test = 3 x RM 150
Daily injection cost (84days) = RM 840.

Total = RM 3990 (USD 942 / AUD 1274 / Pound 721)
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Help Dodot to get 2nd life chance. Wet FIP.
oleh Firah Suhaimin
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